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12-Oct-20 : Our e-mail services are currently down whilst we migrate servers. Normal service should be resumed in a couple of days.

Founded in 2003, INFECTION MUSIC produce electronic musical instruments for the discerning amateur and professional musician in need of quirky, fun, interesting and dynamic tools for use either in the recording studio or out on the road.

The company quickly established a reputation for excellence and gained immediate recognition by winning the Best Start-up Company in the North-East of England under the UK Government's E-Commerce Awards.

After a very quiet period, we're now embarking on a new set of projects and a new collection of products aimed at the modular synthesiser market.


HAYDN is our flagship instrument - a flexible, performance-orientated four track, sixteen step music sequencer, perfectly at home on stage or in the studio. HAYDN is designed to be fast and intuitive in use, as well sturdy and reliable out on the road.

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ZYRA is our entry level four track STEP SEQUENCER. Like, HAYDN, it's designed to be fast and flexible, as well reliable when you take it out on the road. All of the important functions are easily accessible from the front panel, and menu-diving is kept to an absolute minimum.
ZYRA's unique form factor was specifically developed to work alongside large format EURORACK installations. Learn more


PLASMA is a monophonic, hybrid synthesiser module with digital sound generation and analogue post-processing. PLASMA has a big, fat bottom end and gorgeous Curtis CEM filters for that authentic 80's feel with an emphasis on creating window-rattling basslines and screaming frequency-modulated leads. A built-in 32-note step sequencer coupled with a flexible arpeggiator are handy scratchpads for working out ideas.

Customer feedback at SYNTHFEST strongly suggested that we should also consider a PURELY ANALOGUE version of the instrument.

So... guess what?

This instrument is a prototype and is not currently for sale.


ZEIT was our first major product, conceived as long ago as 2003.

We're still happy to support this machine, and a replacement CPU featuring an new, easy-to-use operating system has been developed to keep this wonderful old beast running for another fifteen years.

Watch this space...

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SynthFest 2017

The Octagon Centre, Sheffield, October 7th 2017

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