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Airplay and gigs are the lifeblood of any band, and we're slowly starting to pick up more and more of both.

Long time supporter, Scott Raymond, host of Secret Music on WKVR-FM played two Ion tracks on his recent 30th anniversary show, and then followed that up on his most recent show (25-Jun-17) with a piece I'd pretty much forgotten about, Dacota Plains.

Other new outlets include Artefactor Radio in New Mexico.

After what seems like an eternity without any major airplay, we're finally making progress...

Baby steps...

Added 28-Jun-17 by Dr. Scrotum

The Hoppings Promotional Video Part 2

The Hoppings Promotional Video detailed below exceeded our somewhat modest expections... and then some!

Rejected by the Hoppings PR company for reasons which were never specified, the video came to the attention of the biggest newspaper in this part of the world, The Newcastle Evening Chronicle, who used it as part of their promotion for the fun fair.

The video, including the soundtrack by SKinMechanix, enjoyed well over twelve thousand hits in the first few hours following its release.

In short, we're utterly delighted. This is significant playtime for the band.

Added 28-Jun-17 by Captain Dave

Current Projects : The Hoppings

We just finished the final edits on the promotional video for The Hoppings, which is Europe's Largest Travelling Fun Fair.

The track featured was The Art of Falling by SkinMechanix

Added 20-May-17 by Admin

Never Mind the Ramones 4

We're delighted to announce that SkinMechanix have been invited back to play at the Never Mind the Ramones Mini Festival to be held in Gateshead on Saturday August 19th 2017. More details to come.

Music : Mandorla

Mandorla, a film by Roberto Miller, has gone on general release worldwide through all of the major digital platforms including iTunes & Amazon. It's been generating a lot of favourable reviews too.

Ion's Logoscape from the album Future Forever featured on the trailer although we're not sure if it made it to the final cut.